Grouped Access Tools
for Windows

A very powerful tool that is designed to fight malware.

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Grouped Access Tools Description

Grouped Access Tools (GAT) is a very powerful tool that is designed to fight malware, debug applications, software and games, by a means of accessing, editing, analyzing, and manipulating the software. It is able to open processes that are running or start new programs. The user can do very many tasks to the Process, such as: suspend, wipe it's memory, terminate, crash, force close, edit it's memory, search for values, and memory dump. Grouped Access Tools has other tools such as running in system mode, running Explorer in system mode, logging processes, and a format converter.


路 Save List
路 Print
路 New
路 Open
路 Find
路 Process Scanning (this is able to find hidden processes)
路 Find process
路 Find DLL/Module
路 Multiselection
路 Google
路 Copy
路 Terminate
路 Crash
路 Force Close
路 Suspend/Resume
路 Wipe memory
路 Dump memory
路 Enable All Privileges
路 Disable All Privileges
路 File Properties
路 Go to File's Folder
路 Set Normal File Attributes

路 Logoff
路 Shutdown
路 Restart
路 Standby
路 Lock
路 Shutdown detection and prevention

Memory Editor:
路 The addresses are in hexidecimal
路 Memory is shown in hexidecimal/decimal and ascii
路 Memory is editable
路 Find Ascii string
路 Find Hexidecimal string
路 Write hexidecimal block of memory
路 Wipe block of memory
路 NOP (No process) block of memory
路 Move up and down through memory by Threshold bytes
路 Go to address
路 Go to win32 default header address
路 Go to win32 default code address
路 Go to End
路 Set default threshold (10)
路 Set threshold to the number of bytes in view

Value Search:
路 search for Integer/Long/Short/Byte values
路 search using a range (from address to address)
路 Search for increased by values
路 Search for decreased by values
路 Search for increased values
路 Search for decreased values
路 Search for changed values
路 Search display is updated when values are found
路 Search output is in the Address and Value list boxes
路 Refresh the output list boxes
路 Delete item from output list boxes

Grouped Access Tools Screenshots

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What's New in Grouped Access Tools 1.8

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Grouped Access Tools Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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